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Hungamaa is proud to feature a selection of some of the best of Chorlton’s vegan and vegetarian restaurant options, offering an array of Indian street food favourites in a veggie alternative form. Being meat-free does not automatically equal flavour free! We ensure to live up to traditional standards of using the finest ingredients and fragrant Indian spices to achieve the classic delectability of a number of dishes, trading out meat for Soya, Paneer and Veg substitutions.

Inclusion In Our Menu

At Hungamaa, we are proud to welcome all beliefs and walks of life into our restaurant with open arms, and vegans and vegetarians are not an exception. We understand the increasingly popular meat-free movement and the ever growing demand as people seek more ethical and sustainable food choices. Indian street food cuisine is no stranger to veggie options, with popular dishes such as tarka daal, samosas and bhajis often being naturally absent from animal products.

Street vendors in India readily accommodate veggie dietary requirements as the interest grows, our Chorlton vegan and vegetarian options can transport you to the streets of India with the pungent spices and aromas.


The Best Restaurant In Chorlton, Manchester

Our notoriously flavoursome cuisine is consistent in quality throughout the veg and non-veg options, we believe every dietary requirement should experience the finest quality ingredients and dishes. Our diverse menu caters for all, which is why so many choose Hungamaa as their restaurant of choice to bring family, friends and colleagues to savour our genuine Indian street food.

If you are hunting for some delicious vegan or vegetarian food in Manchester, be sure to pay a visit to Hungamaa, the best Indian restaurant in Chorlton.

Get in touch with our Manchester restaurant today if you're interested in sampling our magnificent range of authentic Indian veg options or if you have any other dietary requirements, we ensure no one misses out on eating at Hungamaas.



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You can book a table or order food directly from us in Chorlton.

To find out more, please get in touch with us at:

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